Will I spend the weekend going up the river?

Apparently there was a misunderstood in the communication between FOIRN and the school, and a boat left Pamaali to come pick up João and me in São Gabriel da Cachoeira, as it was first proposed by Irineu. Raimundo arrived here yesterday on that boat. Basically, what happened is that Rai hitched a hike on our boat, and not the other way around, as we were intending to do! He will have to stay in town at least until May 6th; so we will not go upstream with him.

Nevertheless, we are still going to Pamaali soon enough. We are leaving with the two boatmen that brought Raimundo as soon as ISA finishes all the arrangements for the fuel. It seems we will depart on Saturday. They say that, since our boatmen gave a ride to Rai to come and attend the internet conference, ISA will pay for some of the gasoline used.

They came downstream with a 40 HP engine that spent 200 liters of gasoline. Rumor has it that ISA is paying 150 liters of it. We’ll go upstream with a 20 HP engine that is slower, but it’s the most economic they have here. So, even if going upstream is harder and takes two days (coming down the river takes only one), we’ll also spend 200 liters. Plus the 50 liters from the trip to the city that ISA is not paying for, it makes 250 liters that João and I will have to buy. It will be less than 500 reais for each of us, a little less that what was first predicted by Irineu on Monday, as you can see on the post Good News.

What bothers me now is that besides the gasoline, we also have to have a container for it. They have empty gallons at Pamaali, but they didn’t bring any. If we cannot manage to borrow some, we’re going have to buy them, and that’s going to be pretty expensive, they say…


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Uma resposta para Will I spend the weekend going up the river?

  1. Edu Élleres disse:

    Godspeed to you, my love, my heart sails upstream with you, be safe and sound, always!

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