Going upstream with Raimundo next week

It’s confirmed. Raimundo left Pamaali School this morning to attend the conference about websites maintenance at the FOIRN site here in São Gabriel da Cachoeira. The seminar takes place from Wednesday to Friday and then we’re good to sail upstream! Irineu and I talked to the people at the school by radio this morning, and they said Rai left at 5am. He’ll probably be in town by the end of the day. It takes two days to sail upstream and only one to come downstream. “Pra baixo todo santo ajuda”!

I gave FOIRN all my required data so they can provide the authorization for me to get into indigenous lands (they don’t photocopy the documents, just write down the numbers). And I got the H1N1 and Influenza shots. Since I’m going to indigenous lands, I am considered part of the “risk group”, ain’t that awesome? All the other recomended vaccines I have already taken in Brasilia.

All I have to do now is wait to meet Rai tomorrow at the internet conference to see on wich day exactly he intends to go back to the school and with how much fuel I should contribute.


Sobre isisvalle

New media journalist, digital inclusion researcher and nutritionist to be.
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Uma resposta para Going upstream with Raimundo next week

  1. Edu Élleres disse:

    Love the new header, love! And keep’em fingers crossed, I am moving and shaking things up here, let’s see what happens. You know what I really want to happen, want it with me and it will become real. Who knows, I might even need those shots myself… 😉
    Kisses, angel!!!

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