I think João is in town

Today I went to meet Chris on ISA to go for lunch with her in a military club. As soon as we met, she asked me if someone had come looking for me in the “pousada”. I said no and she said that there were a boy and a girl looking for Laise (the white Baniwa counselor on ISA) and for me on Thursday. She couldn’t remember his name, but according to her, he said he’s supposed to sail the river upstream sharing the boat with me. I don’t see who else it could be but João. Chris told him I was staying in the yellow house behind the Carneiro grocery store, in case he wanted to drop by.

As for the girl, Chris said she spent the whole of last year negotiating with an indigenous community, but finally they denied her access, so now she’s looking for another subject for her master theses. I think Pamaali is a great subject for anyone; she should come with us! It would be the three of us to share the boat that ain’t a boat and it would be much cheaper for everyone. I think we’ll meet tomorrow on ISA because we all need to talk to Laise. Fingers crossed.

About Chris, she’s from São Paulo state and she’s doing her doctoral research on military families. I met her the first day I went to ISA. She’s staying there and Laise said that João would be a guest there as well, but apparently he’s not. I thought about staying there too, but again Laise told me they were reserving the only available room for João. Also, the pousada that ain’t a pousada suits me really well. There’s wifi on ISA, but it seems the band is quite limited.

And for those wondering: no, Marcelo never came to see me with a cost projection to take me upstream. That’s just what I expected, since he has no clue where Pamaali is. Rico told people in São Gabriel da Cachoeira are like that, they say they are going to do something and then they don’t. Well, quite Brazilian.

You don’t remember who João is? Check the blog post Trying to go upstream.


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2 respostas para I think João is in town

  1. Edu Élleres disse:

    All good vibrations I can muster are directed towards you, my love!
    It will work out I am sure of it! As I once wrote you, all you wish really bad you end up getting, baby. And now you have many more wishing it alongside you, it will happen!!!
    All fingers crossed, love!
    Keep us posted!

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