Trying to go upstream 2

Today, Rico – the guy that takes care of the pousada I’m staying in – invited me to have lunch at a friend’s house. His name is Marcelo and he happens to be a guide who organizes excursions in the region. He has a boat and he has a motor! Not only that, he has a whole team that works with him. The only thing is he has no clue where Pamaali is…

I want to go chez les Baniwa and he’s more used to going chez les Yanomami, that is in the opposite direction. In Yanomami lands we have the Pico da Neblina, the highest hill in Brazil (we have no mountains here). Lots of adventures want to climb it; Marcelo did it 11 times already. It is has been interdicted by law to go there for more than 10 years, but he’s friends with the Yanomami, so no problem! That’s Brazil!

São Gabriel da Cachoeira, TI do Alto Rio Negro e Pico da Neblina

The proof that the interdiction doesn’t work is that I’ve never heard about it. People talk about climbing the Pico da Neblina all the time and never mention it. And that’s where the name of my pousada comes from! Rico said he receives a lot of foreigns because of it. São Gabriel da Cachoeira is the city that is closest to the peak, but you still have to take an off-road and a boat to get to the foot of it, wich takes a couple of days. Once you get there you still have three days of climbing to get to the top. Take a look at the video:

Although he has no idea where the school is precisely (we know it is on the Içana River, up the Negro River that passes through São Gabriel da Cachoeira), Marcelo said he’d sail upstream with me. He’s going to bring me a cost projection tomorrow.


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Uma resposta para Trying to go upstream 2

  1. Edu Élleres disse:

    Another day, another chapter…
    I’m loving your adventure, baby!!!
    Keep the posts coming!!

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