Dream Theater in São Gabriel da Cachoeira!!!

Today as we were walking to Marcelo’s to have lunch I started to hear a song strangely familiar. Very melodic, at first I thought it was something pop like U2. But it wasn’t. When the guy started singing I was sure I knew that voice. And I knew those lyrics. I listened harder. Oh my gosh! It was James Labrie singing “I Walk Beside You”! What are the odds of listening to Dream Theater walking through the streets of a city like São Gabriel da Cachoeira in the middle of the Amazon as if it was some sertaneja music?

At first I thought it was coming from the car parked in front of the house, Brazilian style. But it wasn’t. The doors and the windows of the house were wide open (Brazilian style too) so I had a good look inside. I could see a blue television screen with a songlist. A mp3 CD or DVD! I couldn’t help myself and told Rico I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Oh! This comes from Manaus (the capital of the Amazon state). People bring all king of stuff from Manaus. Including music”, he said. As we walked past the house, it was time for some Pink Floyd! I wish my pousada neighbors had bought that DVD from Manaus…


“I walk beside you

Wherever you are

Whatever it takes

No matter how far

Through all that may come

And all that may go

I walk beside you

I walk beside you”


Sobre isisvalle

New media journalist, digital inclusion researcher and nutritionist to be.
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Uma resposta para Dream Theater in São Gabriel da Cachoeira!!!

  1. Edu Élleres disse:

    And very fitting lyrics, my dearest.
    Fingers still crossed!

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